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Anti-Bullying Resources

School is more than the academic instruction that occurs in the classroom. Our students’ education also depends on an environment that supports learning. It is impossible for students to achieve at their fullest potential if they fear for their safety. The long-term effects of bullying, cruelty, bias, and hate-motivated behavior can have a tremendous impact on student success—both for the victims and for the perpetrators. These resources have been compiled to assist districts and schools to address negative behaviors in our schools.

For more information contact Nicola Parr, Director of Student and Program Support at 707-399-4863 or

Bullying Resources for Educators and Parents
he role of an educator and a parent is to teach empathy, teach and train staff and improve how bullying is handled by adults. has several resources on bullying prevention.

California Department of Education: Bullying and Hate-Motivated Behavior Prevention
Provides resources for parents, administrators, and students on how bullying can be prevented and addressed. Resources include publications, sample policies, and frequently asked questions.

California Department of Education: Bullying Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions based on the Bullying at School publication.

California Department of Education: Bullying Publications & Resources
Publications and resources for educators, parents, and community members with tools for recognizing bullying behavior and approaches for determining how to respond. provides information from various government agencies on what bullying is, what cyberbullying is, who is at risk, and how you can prevent and respond to bullying.

SchoolMessenger Talk About It
First and only anonymous communication service that gets students the help they need. Talk About It® allows faculty to meet students where they are - online and with text messaging - to help solve issues. By reducing the stigma of communicating with trusted adults, the service allows students to open up and break the 'code of silence.'

Wristband Resources
Provides information on statistics and resources for educators, parents, and community members.

Generation Text: New SCOE video explores harmful effects of bullying
Combining TV news footage, and interviews with local educators and students, the new SCOE video Generation Text presents a stark view of bullying in schools and its harmful effects on students. A link to the 2-minute preview of Generation Text is below.

Seth's Law
Seth's Law, AB 9, requires schools to establish policies to prevent bullying, be responsive to complaints about bullying, train personnel how to recognize and intervene in bullying, and make resources available to victims of bullying. A Seth's Law Fact Sheet is linked below.