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Contact Information

Program Administrator: Sarah Zils



Senior Secretary: Kathleen Wachob



Program Administrator: Deana Vanderhoof



Senior Secretary: Allison Hostler


Adult Program

The Adult Program serves 18-22 year old students with intellectual disabilities and/or autism who have received a Certificate of Completion from high school and have significant needs for support as they transition to adulthood.

The Adult Program aids in the development of young adults with special needs into positive, productive, and contributing members of society.

The Adult Program serves the Solano Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA), which includes Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield-Suisun, Travis, and Vacaville unified school districts.

All students who attend the Adult Transition Program are referred through the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) process.

Program Components

The Solano County Office of Education (SCOE) Workability I program is an integral part of the Adult Program. The funds from this program provide job placements, job coaching, and ongoing support for the adult students who work at local businesses.

Some students become clients of the Department of Rehabilitation through the SCOE Transition Partnership Program. The Department of Rehabilitation provides pre-employment skills, training, and support for employment upon the student’s exit from the Adult Transition Program.

Students in the Adult Program are clients of North Bay Regional Center. As students are getting ready to exit the program, the North Bay Regional Center is the link to the transition supports needed for the future. The Adult Transition Program staff teaches students to initiate and maintain a close connection to this agency.

Students in the Adult Program will demonstrate a mastery of a continuum of transition skills based on their unique level of ability with the goal of successfully transitioning to adult living. Skills are developed using community-based instruction in addition to classroom instruction.

Program components include:

    • Vocational training
    • Community integration
    • Travel and/or mobility training
    • Communication skills
    • Recreational activities
    • Self-care and daily living skills
    • Functional academic skill development
    • Social skill development
    • Self-advocacy, self-determination skill development
    • Technology skills
    • Support for attending a community college or higher education program
    • Social-sexual education - link to curriculum


Students participate in the components of the program that assist them in moving toward their desired post-school outcomes, taking into account students’ preferences, needs and skills.

Students will show respect for themselves and others, maintain regular attendance, dress for success, and exhibit good citizenship. Some students take elective classes at Solano Community College. Most students receive work training at local businesses. The Adult Program also prepares students for involvement in adult community programs, and if possible, employment.

In addition, students and their families will learn about programs in their community that offer support and services to adults with disabilities. This will enable the students to make informed decisions about their future.

The Adult Program staff makes transition learning fun! Sample activities include:

    • Planning, purchasing, preparing, and serving snacks or meals for holidays, curriculum meetings, adult school classes, and administrative functions
    • Developing art projects for Solano County Office of Education teachers
    • Participating in volunteer work
    • Cataloging, filing, and distributing teacher materials
    • Learning to use public transportation
    • Learning about community resources: public library, banks, post office, etc.