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Business Services for SCOE

The Internal Business Services Department provides services to SCOE staff members to more effectively provide quality programs to local school districts, the community college, and the students directly served by SCOE programs. For more information please call (707) 399-4418 or email

Contact Information

If you are unsure of who to contact, or for general inquiries, please email


Becky Lentz
Director, Internal Business Services
(707) 399-4419

Lisa Martin
Manager, Payroll and Benefits
(707) 399-4424

Beth Coit
Manager, Internal Business Services
(707) 399-4414


José Chang
Senior Payroll & Benefits Analyst
(707) 399-4421

Lilia Moreno
Accounting Analyst
(707) 399-4428

Elena Rodriguez
(707) 399-4418

Emie Ambrose
Accounting Analyst
(707) 399-4427

Nicole Simmons
Accounting Analyst
(707) 399-4412

Molly Holland
Accounting Technician 
(707) 399-4415

Zuleyma Lozano
Accounting Technician 
(707) 399-4422

May Zanetti
Accounting Technician
(707) 399-4409