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Contact Information

Kelley Birch
Director, College and Career Readiness
(707) 399-4806

Secretary/Program Analyst
(707) 399-4809

Kim Lane
Program Manager                        K12 SWP Project Coordinator
(707) 399-4801

Taylor Clifton
College and Career Development Specialist
(707) 399-4808

Matt Russo
College and Career Development Specialist
(707) 399-4881

Abraham Anaya
College and Career Development Specialist
(707) 399-4831

Lerecia Evans                                College and Career Development Specialist                                              (707) 646-7697                

Terrell Parr
Construction Trades Teacher
(707) 399-4837

Sabrina True
CTE Classroom Specialist
(707) 399-4837

Josh Davis
STEAM Innovation Teacher        707-399-5006


Solano County Career Technical Education Directory 

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Connect to Careers Guide

Career & College Readiness

Solano County Office of Education's College and Career Readiness (CCR) program provides coordination and professional development for career pathways offered in Solano County school districts.

The CCR program offers essential skills workshops to students enrolled in career pathways in the county high schools and college and career development specialists promote connections with industry partners through work-based learning activities and experiences.  The College and Career Readiness department also facilitates a partnership between the Solano County Office of Education, Solano County school districts, Chambers of Commerce, and the Solano County Workforce Development Board to offer a Work-Ready! Certification program for students.

Videos: College & Career Readiness Programs in Solano County

preview of Solano career technical education video series

SCOE has created  short videos highlighting some of the Career Technical Education (CTE) and College Readiness programs across Solano County. 


Work-Ready! Certificate program

The Work-Ready! Certificate Program for students is a three week workshop providing over twenty hours of work related instruction and support. The program helps students locate job opportunities, learn interview skills and develop a resume. Workshop topics include: time management, resume writing,  job search & application cover letters, work ethic, customer service, teamwork, appropriate dress, interview techniques, and mock interviews. The Work-Ready! Certificate program is coordinated by the Solano County Office of Education in partnership with local Chambers of Commerce and is presented in school districts throughout Solano County.

TOP 10 Work Ready! Skills

1. Demonstrate strong work ethic 

2. Maintain consistency in attitude and behaviors 

3. Be self-motivated and take initiative  

4. Possess critical thinking and problem solving skills 

5. Work well with others as part of a team 

6. Have the ability to present a positive attitude 

7. Understand the importance of time management 

8. Identify and recognize interpersonal effectiveness 

9. Demonstrate appropriate workplace communication 

10. Represent professionalism in the workplace


EMPLOYErs - How You can get involved


Effective partnerships between education and employers can make areal difference to young people. Career Technical Education needs you!

Forms of involvement might include: 

  • Raising the general awareness of the "world of work" and preparing young people for the demands they will meet in the 21st century workplace 
  • Raise the career consciousness of students in particular sectors of the workforce 
  • Provide workplace experience either through job shadow opportunities or internships 
  • Becoming a guest speaker 
  • Providing a "hands-on" lesson in the classroom.

If you are interested in business partnerships or wish to volunteer, we welcome you! Please call our office at 707-399-4800.

For more information and other volunteer opportunities, please download the file above.



Work-Based Learning Continuum
Work Based Learning

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