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Cessation Services

Youth Vaping alternative program education (Y VAPE)

YVAPE is a counseling and educational program for students who have been caught vaping on campus. This program is available to public middle and high schools who will enroll students instead of suspension. The program is designed to help the students think through their vaping behavior and provide a positive experience.

Smoke Free Teen

Part of the National Cancer Institute's (NCI) Initiative, with the goal to reduce the number of youth who use tobacco by preventing early/occasional tobacco users from becoming regular users and promotion cessation to regular users. Teens are provided strategies for managing cravings, moods, and other situation that might increase their need to smoke/vape.

This is Quitting

This is Quitting is a free anonymous text program developed by the TRUTH Initiative to help young people quit vaping. This program incorporates messages from other young people who have attempted to, or successfully quit, vaping/e-cigarettes. Youth are also sent messages with evidence-based tops and strategies to quit and stay quit.

California Smokers' Helpline

The California Smokers' Helpline offers free telephone counseling 1(800) NO-BUTTS to any resident of California who wants to quit smoking.

Cessation resource Guide

This guide is a list of cessation services and resources available for students. There are a variety of services from group sessions to text or talk options.


Johanna Nowak-Palmer
Program Manager
(707) 646-7608

Rebecca Floyd
Project Coordinator
(707) 646-7602

Jena Brateng
Youth Activities Specialist
(707) 646-7606

Gavyn Leavens
Youth Activities Specialist
(707) 646-7604

Jordan Winkfield
Youth Activities Specialist
(707) 646-7607