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Ken Scarberry
Director of Youth Development
(707) 646-7603

California School Staff & Parent Surveys

California School Staff Survey

The California School Staff Survey (CSSS) is an online survey designed to assess perceptions and experiences of teachers, administrators, and other school personnel (for grades K-12). The results are intended to: Address teacher recruitment and retention issues; guide professional development initiatives; and identify whether student and parent perceptions of the school reflect those of the staff. According to research, school climate can impact both staff and students, including the retention and job satisfaction of teachers, as well as the achievement of students. This measures the involvement of both parents and students by comparing the CSSS with student and parent surveys.

California School Parent Survey

The school's learning environment, the school's climate, student support services, and parent outreach and involvement efforts (for example, how communicative they are) and the scope and nature of the presence of parents in school (as relationships, activities, and in general).

The report empowers parents and identifies what concerns and needs parents have that schools should address in order to promote parent involvement. These questions align with the California School Staff Survey and the California Healthy Kids Survey, so information obtained from these three stakeholder groups can be compared. We have both an online and a printed version of the survey, with multiple languages.