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Marnie Lynch - Senior Director of District and School Support or         707-399-4438 


Andrea Lemos, Ed.D. - Deputy Superintendent of Educational Services and Student Programs or       707-399-4430

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District & School Support

Technical SUpport

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The goal of the District and School Support Program is to build and sustain the capacity necessary to improve the success of all students by partnering with districts and schools as they endeavor to implement organizational practices that:

  • Help all students meet standards
  • Increase student achievement levels of all students
  • Select/adopt appropriate instructional materials
  • Meet the needs of English language learners
  • Strengthen administrative leadership
  • Improve administrator expertise in content knowledge and pedagogy
  • Reduce barriers to student achievement

SCOE support teams customize services to meet the needs of individual schools and districts sharing information and resources about emerging issues and initiatives, collaborating with partner organizations, the Regional System of District and School Support, and institutes of higher learning to build leadership to support effective systemic change, and fostering collaborative partnerships among Solano County community groups including districts, teachers, school site administrators, parents,business and community leaders.

We provide technical assistance and organizational tools for streamlining multiple state and federal planning requirements into a single data-driven, comprehensive school plan. We are also available to guide schools and provide technical assistance and support to districts as they coordinate programs and funds from multiple federal and state sources into single,focused, fully integrated reform effort which includes:

  • Developing and implementing a district Local Educational Agency Plan (LEAP) and site Single Plan For Student Achievement (SPSA)
  • Developing and implementing effective intervention programs
  • Developing and implementing effective programs for English Learner students
  • Categorical Program Implementation and Evaluation via the Categorical Program Monitoring (CPM) process

Site support

What is Customized Site Support?

Members of SCOE's district and school support team are available for quantitative and qualitative data analysis, design and facilitation of site-specific professional learning, content specific professional learning opportunities, and instructional coaching. 

Site Support and Equity

In designing and customizing professional learning opportunities, the District and School Support team works collaboratively to elicit feedback from stakeholders to ensure that site support is relevant and authentic. By focusing on both qualitative and quantitative data we gain a clearer picture of the strengths and opportunities for growth. 

Demystifying Site Support

Myth: Professional learning options are limited to the latest popular trends in education and are not relevant to specific context of individual setting/site/district.

While we can provide a menu of professional learning options, we also custom design learning opportunities focused on individual district and school site goals and interests. 

Myth: Professional learning means attending a series of workshops with no follow-up support.

Fact: Professional learning includes a variety of options including whole staff and small group learning sessions as well as book studies, lesson observation and feedback, collaborative planning, collegial coaching, and more. 

Myth: Professional learning is only for struggling educators.

Educators are life-long learners in a dynamic profession who are always seeking to innovate to meet the needs of our ever-evolving student body.