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SCOE Assists CalOES with PPE Distribution to Schools
Posted 9/2/20

PPE distribution with forklift

Solano County Office of Education (SCOE) recently partnered with the California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) to distribute personal protective equipment (PPE) to Solano County public schools. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, SCOE has served as a liaison between local schools and state agencies. Solano County Office of Education was also activated by the Solano Office of Emergency Services (Solano OES) in March, to serve as a liaison and support for the local lead agency, Solano Public Health, as well as Solano OES. SCOE’s support role for schools and public health in COVID-19 management efforts will likely continue through the end of the year. ​​​​​​​

CalOES’ coordination with the Solano County Offices of Education, both as a delivery hub and for distribution logistics coordination, provided roughly 60-days of PPE supplies to public Solano schools. The supplies provided by the state included:

  • N95 masks for school medical staff
  • 58,000+ cloth masks (sized 7-12)
  • 76,000+ cloth masks (sized K-6)
  • 58,000+ disposable masks (sized 7-12)
  • 76,000+ disposable mask (sized K-6) 
  • 25,000+ disposable mask (sized for adults)
  • 12,000- disposable face shields 
  • 540 touchless thermometers
  • 1,600+ gallons of hand sanitizer

Solano Superintendent of Schools, Lisette Estrella-Henderson commented, “CalOES and SCOE’s collaboration has helped ensure accurate and timely distribution of important PPE supplies to Solano schools. The partnership resulted in tangible and meaningful support in the way of much-needed safety items that will help our schools maintain social distancing and illness prevention practices when we return to in-person instruction. Keeping our school communities healthy will allow teachers and students to continue to focus on instruction and learning.”

During a pandemic that has created continuous obstacles for schools and communities to overcome, the supplies from CalOES have helped resolve some of the challenges of procuring enough PPE to help mitigate risk to students and staff once schools are able to return to in-person instruction. The PPE supplies were also provided by the state to Solano County schools and no cost to local schools, relieving some budget challenges districts are facing during the pandemic.