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SCOE Partners to Bring 5,500 Backpacks to Early Learners
Posted 1/14/21

Superintendent Lisette Estrella-Henderson Estrella-Henderson and student

To support Solano’s youngest learners, Solano County Office of Education (SCOE) has partnered with the First 5 Solano Children and Families Commission and Solano County Library Literacy Services to provide 5,500 early learning backpacks for transitional kindergarten (TK) and kindergarten (K) students in Solano County public schools. The backpacks are intended to serve as a mid-year support for teachers, students and their families who are navigating virtual learning. They are being delivered to school districts and charter schools that will in turn distribute the items to families across the county.


The backpacks are filled with basics for learning such as pencils, crayons, paper, letter-sounds and sight word cards. Unit counters, a dry-erase board and markers are included to support virtual learning at home. The backpacks also include high quality children’s books provided by Solano County Library Literacy Services and the California State Library. Handouts for parents regarding screen time, library services, and the Triple P parenting program are also incorporated. 


“Our hope is that the backpacks provide a small amount of support, encouragement, and engaging learning materials for our youngest learners and their families. This school year has been challenging for many teachers, students and families alike, and this collaborative project is a small gesture to recognize and help TK and K children and their families in Solano County,” remarked Lisette Estrella-Henderson, Solano County Superintendent of Schools and First 5 Commissioner.


Solano County Board of Education Member and Literacy Program Assistant for Solano County Library, Teresa Lavell commented, “Helping young children develop reading skills is a vital part of creating a foundation for academic success. Solano County Library is proud to partner on this project and bring books into the hands of Kindergarten and TK children and their families.


“We know that providing enriching experiences during the first five years of life is critical for children's brain development and future school success. During this difficult time, it has never been more important for the community to provide parents and caregivers the resources they need to support their children's development at home,” stated Executive Director for the First 5 Solano Children and Families Commission, Michele Harris.


The First 5 Solano Children and Families Commission is the primary sponsor for the project, with a contribution nearing $135,000 for backpacks and learning materials. In addition to Solano County Office of Education, Solano County Library Literacy Services, and California State Library, other community partners and organizations that have supported the early learning backpack project include Delta Kappa Gamma, Delta Xi Chapter, and Travis Credit Union.