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Social Media post created by students for Red Ribbon Week

Don't Buy The Lie Campaign

Don't buy the lie #dbtl

The Don't Buy the Lie Campaign was created to combat youth tobacco use in Solano County, funding for the campaign comes from the California DOJ Tobacco Grant Program. The campaign was created by the Solano Youth Coalition's Tobacco Education and Awareness Committee, a youth advocacy group overseen by the Youth Development Department. The coalition uses data from the California Health Kids Survey, National Youth Tobacco Survey and other research from the American Lung Association, Stanford Tobacco Toolkit and more to create an impactful and creative campaign strategy.

The SYC will be using various media outlets, including digital billboards, transportation depots, internet and radio spots to reach the greater Solano County communities.

Red Ribbon Week

October 23 - 31st was Red Ribbon Week the SYC developed a social media campaign with a new post each day of the week with facts about tobacco products and youth use. The Coalition launched a Red Ribbon Week Spirit Week, in which students posted photos of themselves dressed up in the spirit day themes and tagged @SolanoFNL and used the designated hashtags. On Saturday, October 31st the Coalition wrapped up Red Ribbon Week with several Trunk-Or-Treat Events throughout the community and handed out Red Ribbon Week promotional items and brochures on the dangerous health effects and local quit resources.

In November, the SYC created the first of eight billboard adds. They focused the message on e-cigarette and vape flavors, highlighting one of Big Tobacco's strategies for hooking kids. With more than 17,500 flavors on the market, with no end in sight.


February: Who Are They Targeting?
February Billboard Ad
January: Time to Quit is Now
billboard ad for January
November Billboard: Flavors Hook Kids
Billboard ad talking about e-cigarette flavors


Lies Big Tobacco Tells Us

  • It's just water vapor
  • Safer than traditional cigarettes
  • Nicotine free
  • Youth are not targeted