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"Being in Friday Night Live is important to me because I get to educate my peers and teachers about topics such as mental health, tobacco, and drugs; which helps promote a better and healthier community."

Solano Friday Night Live Chapters

Solano County currently has four active Friday Night Live (FNL) Chapters at Armijo, Benicia, Fairifield and Vanden High Schools. Each chapter is overseen by an adult advisor who works collaboratively with the student members to work on a variety of awareness campaigns and initiatives the members are passionate about.

See past and current chapter projects below. If you would like more information about the FNL Program or are interested in bringing FNL to your campus contact Johanna Nowak-Palmer.


Chapter pages coming soon...stay tuned.

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Johanna Nowak-Palmer
Solano County FNL Coordinator

Rebecca Floyd
Solano County FNL Staff