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Media Inquiries

Media inquiries should be directed to:

Jennifer Leonard
Assistant Superintendent  Communications, Community Engagement and Emergency Management

(707) 399-4429

Public Records Requests

Requests for public records should be submitted to:


Community Engagement Office

Solano County public schools are the foundation to the vitality of our local communities. Community engagement in public school programs and initiatives helps improve the educational experiences for students and families. Effective two-way communication involving educators, community leaders, students, and families is key to understanding public needs and attitudes, and customizing learning environments to  meet the  needs of each unique student. Community involvement assists with shaping policies and programs that put students first.

Public awareness of educational programs and services helps create understanding, relevance and trust from community members. From there we build partnerships that result in meaningful opportunities and positive outcomes for Solano students.

community awareness, understanding, relevance, engagement, improved student outcomes