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Contact Information

Kimberlee Patzner
Early Learning Quality Improvement Coach
(707) 399-4472

Grace Jenschke
Early Learning Quality Improvement Coach;        (707) 399-4476

Kristin McCaffrey
Early Learning Quality Improvement Coach;
(707) 399-4477

Quality Counts Coaching

What is Quality Counts Coaching?

Preschool and child care programs enrolled in Solano’s Quality Counts participate in on-site coaching. Quality Counts coaching supports teachers, classrooms assistants, and administrators in enhancing the quality of their early learning programs. Quality Counts coaching is an evidence-based and reflective practice that guides teachers in setting and implementing goals and quality improvement plans. By working one-on-one with a coach, teachers build practical skills and improve their students’ readiness for kindergarten and beyond. 

Why Coaching?

Coaching provides a highly tailored approach with individualized support and custom feedback.

Coaching can be an effective method because it meets providers where they are; ensuring that information is relevant and useful.

Coaching has been demonstrated to be an effective tool for professional development and growth.

Who are Your Coaches?

Coach Kim

Kimberlee Patzner

“With over 20 years of experience in the field of Early Education, I’ve had an opportunity to wear many hats. Through my work as a Teacher, Coach, Trainer, and Director, I’ve expanded my understanding and perspective on what it means to both work in the field and serve those that do. Educators are such a vital part of our community and being in a role that allows me to support their individual and site needs, is a privilege. Our field is constantly progressing with our understanding of Child Development, and I’m so excited to be a part of a community and team that supports and promotes professional development and personal growth. When I reflect on my time as a student obtaining my BA in Child Development, I realize how far I have come in my own understanding of early education. Through taking courses, trainings, PLCs, and workshops, I’ve continued to grow my own knowledge in the field and I look forward to being a resource to others.

My past experiences have trained me in the DRDP’s, CLASS, ECERS, the ASQ’s, as well as the Teaching Pyramid. I am extremely passionate about child forward curriculum, classroom environments (especially nature based) social/emotional and challenging behavior supports, as well as teacher support systems. I look forward to connecting with each of you and can’t wait to meet you at your sites!”

coach grace

Grace Jenschke

"I received my Associates and BA Degree in Child Development with a Concentration in Early Childhood Education from California State University of Sacramento. I have been in the Early Childhood field for 10 years now and have learned and experienced an abundance of knowledge. I have been an infant and toddler teacher, Site Supervisor at a private Montessori school, Preschool Assistant Director, and a State

Preschool Teacher for a full inclusion program that serves children with special needs. During my time in these positions, I have acquired a substantial amount of qualities that have benefited the programs and communities I have worked for and served; such as: Teaching Pyramid, ECERS, DRDP’s, CLASS, GLAD,

ASQ’s, Triple P., and RAR. I regularly attend training to keep my knowledge, expertise, and familiarity up-to-date and ready to transmit the information to others. As your QRIS Coach, it is my duty and goal to help you develop and provide the absolute best quality program for the families you serve. I look forward to meeting each one of you as we work together to make it happen!"

coach Kristin

Kristin McCaffrey

“Hi, my name is Kristin, and I’m the Early Learning Quality Improvement Coach at the Solano County Office of Education. I have been in the Early Childhood Education field for over 25 years and have a variety of experiences to draw from. I have a BA in Child Development, and I’ve worked as a Reading Paraeducator, Preschool Teacher, Resource Specialist, Preschool Director for a private school, as well as a Head Start program. I also owned my Family Child Care business for eight years and am very familiar with Community Care Licensing. In these roles, I have used a variety of tools such as Teaching Strategies: Creative Curriculum, DRDP’s, ASQ-SE and ASQ-3, and 2nd Step. I am excited to meet everyone and be a support to your early learning program.”