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5 members volunteered after school on Election Day, working a polling center with our partners the League of Women Voters, Solano County.

Red Ribbon Week

October 23 - 31, 2022 is Red Ribbon Week. The Solano Youth Coalition and Solano Friday Night Live Chapters are recognizing and honoring Red Ribbon Week.

See what we are doing visit our Red Ribbon Page by clicking the image below.


Solano Youth Coalition

The Solano Youth Coalition strives to raise awareness by advocating safe and healthier choices in communities through open conversations, participation, and collaboration among a new generation.

The Solano Youth Coalition (SYC) builds partnerships for positive and healthy youth development which engage youth as active leaders and resources in their communities. The SYC is a youth led coalition that provides opportunities for youth to build capacity and commitment for life-long involvement in health promotion. The SYC is comprised of youth from Solano County’s high schools and colleges and is supported by an advisory team of adults.

The Solano Youth Coalition is a partnership with the Solano Friday Night Live Program. Visit the Solano Friday Night Live page for more information on Friday Night Live in Solano County.

What is SYC?

The Solano Youth Coalition strives to:

  • Promote and encourage the participation of young people in the development of policy, programs and services in their communities
  • Raise awareness of issues regarding the health, safety, and success of their community
  • Engage youth and adults in active, open conversations about health and safety issues about drugs, alcohol, and violence
  • Advocate for their peers and community for safer and healthier choices and policies in their community
  • Collaborate with organizations, businesses, schools, community members, and young people to establish a positive strategic vision for the Solano Youth Coalition
  • Develop and promote a new generation of leaders and advocates for healthier and safer communities in Solano County

SYC is open to youth residing in Solano County, ages 14 to 21, who are attending school. To become part of the Solano Youth Coalition, youth must complete an online application. The application for the upcoming year is released by the end of May, closes in July, interviews are conducted in July and acceptance notifications are sent out in August.

Coalition members are expected to participate in bi-weekly meetings, (online web meetings, teleconference, or in-person) attend leadership trainings, contribute to coalition projects and activities, and participate in community outreach and engagement opportunities.

Community Involvement

SYC is an excellent opportunity for students in need of community service hours to graduate as well as completing scholarship or honor society requirements. SYC participates in various activities and projects that benefit the health, safety, and success of youth and adults in our communities.


Rebecca Floyd
Project Coordinator

Johanna Nowak-Palmer
Program Manager