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Student Programs & Services Department

The Student Programs and Services Department provides a range of services to support students’ positive academic and social-emotional outcomes. Students may be served in SCOE alternative school settings or their districts of residence. The Department also provides county-wide coordination for foster and homeless youth and professional development on ways to work with students effectively and respectfully. SCOE also provides support services for students’ work readiness skills and job placement. 

To accomplish its mission, SCOE works closely with Solano County Probation, Solano County Behavioral Health, and Solano County Child Welfare Services, in addition to other community-based organizations.

Contact Information

Andrea Lemos
Deputy Superintendent, Educational Services and Student Programs; (707) 399-4432


Linda Brown
Executive Assistant II, Educational Services and Student Programs; (707) 399-4432


Priscilla Ramelo
Executive Assistant II, Educational Services and Student Programs; (707) 399-4430

Amy Chavez
Director, Student Services, Equity and Support Services; (707) 399-4840


Valerie Garrett, Ed.D.
Program Administrator, Educational Options; (707) 399-4840


Barbara Bartolomucci
School Secretary; (707) 399-4840


Annabelle Estrella
Student Information Specialist; (707) 399-4838

Nicola Parr
Senior Director, Student Services and Educational Options; (707) 399-4863

Meredith Webb
Clinical Services Supervisor; (707) 399-4807

Candace Jenkins
Secretary/Program Analyst; (707) 399-4863

Kelley Birch
Assistant Director, College and Career Readiness; (707) 399-4809

Lindsay Caceres
Secretary/Program Analyst; (707) 399-4809

Kim Govi
Program Manager, Educational Liaison; (707) 399-4812

Ken Scarberry
Director, Youth Development; (707) 646-7601


Johanna Nowak-Palmer
Program Manager, Youth Development; (707) 646-7608


Rebecca Floyd
Project Coordinator; (707) 646-7602


Trish Dykstra
Secretary/Program Analyst; (707) 646-7601

Susan Labrecque
Senior Director, Resource Development, Transition Services, and Post Secondary Options; (707) 399-4830

Lakesha Lovett
Program Manager, Workforce Development; (707) 399-4884

Karin Ross
Secretary/Program Analyst; (707) 399-4830

Programs & Services