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James Neal Bio

For the past 15 years, James Neal has worked as a classroom educator and technology lead, specializing in engineering, technology, college readiness, and mathematics. He has developed technology driven curriculum for over 12 years, with a focus on student  engagement through experiences that foster enjoyment for his students and explicit opportunities for student choice and creativity. Throughout his years as an educator, James has designed curriculum for over 25 courses at the K-12 and college levels. James currently works at the School of Engineering and Sciences in Sacramento County as an Engineering and Mathematics educator.  

Tech Tools for Teachers

students and teachers using technology


Module 1: Prepare a seamless and manageable online classroom environment

Gain tools and best practices to build into google classroom for fluidity and ease of use for both students

and teachers

Module 2: Gain dynamic tools to deliver an engaging online experience through a UDL lens

Take away quick and easy technology tools designed to increase engagement and rapport building online

Module 3: Observe methods to facilitate community and collaboration

Learn strategies and tools to provide opportunities for community building and collaboration in an online


Module 4: Understand how to leverage technology to enhance assessments

Explore tools to enhance online assessments and leverage technology to provide opportunities for student choice

Module 5: Build a robust system of communication with all stakeholders

Leave with resourceful modes of online communication with all stakeholders necessary for a quality distance learning classroom

MODULE 1: Current Best Practices for the Google Classroom Learning Environment

Participants will explore improved best practices in the Google Classroom space and discover which of the over 50 updates to the Google Workspace for Education can benefit their classroom and engage their students.

MODULE 2: Utilize Technology and Group Dynamics to Promote a Positive Classroom Community

Participants will learn practical activities and technology tools inspired by Universal Design for Learning to help build a strong first day classroom environment and expand these relationships

MODULE 3: Leveraging Technology Tools to Discover New Strategies to Boost Engagement in the Classroom

Participants will learn techniques and tools to easily increase student engagement in their lessons as well as analyze and monitor student learning.

Module 4: Introducing Coding into Any Classroom to Support Social-Emotional Learning for students and teachers through storytelling

Participants will learn easy strategies that allow students to tell stories through coding and foster social and emotional growth and well-being.



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Senior Director, District & School Support


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