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Ken Scarberry
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Johanna Nowak-Palmer
Program Manager
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Rebecca Floyd
Project Coordinator
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Jena Webber
Youth Activities Specialist
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Gavyn Leavens
Youth Activities Specialist
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Jordan Winkfield
Youth Activities Specialist
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Lori Harris
Secretary Program Analyst
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Art is Power! is made up of three events, the Speaker Series, Youth Resiliency Summit (#IGNITE) and Student Showcase. Art is Power! is designed to cultivate Solano students' voice, artistic passion and creativity.

Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE)

Program Overview

The purpose of the TUPE program is to prevent and/or reduce youth tobacco use or nicotine addiction by assisting young people make healthy tobacco-related decisions through open conversations, tobacco-specific, evidenced-based educational instruction, and activities that build knowledge and understanding, refusal and social skills, and youth development assets.

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  • Evidence-based curriculum, intervention, and cessation services for middle and high school students
  • Development and support for student leadership/advocacy programs for middle and high school students
  • Cross-aged mentoring (peer-to-peer) program
  • Tobacco and vaping prevention and education presentations for students, schools, districts, and community members
  • Tobacco free messaging at community events
  • Professional development opportunities (including funds to support) for school and/or district staff around prevention education, intervention strategies such as, Brief Intervention, Healthy Futures, and YVape; and cessation services.
  • Funds to support the completion of Cal SCHLS including the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS)
  • Funds to support trainings and conference attendance for middle and high school students
  • Mini-grant for middle and high school student projects to support tobacco and vape prevention and education
  • District Tobacco Free Certification

SCOE’s goal is to not only continue these services, but also to increase student engagement in fighting the vaping crisis our schools are facing, provide technical assistance to schools to increase intervention efforts for students caught using tobacco/vape products on campus, and connect schools to additional programs and partners through School Resource Officers, campus wellness centers, and public health educators.

Educator Resources

Resources available to districts and school sites participating in the TUPE Tier 2 Grant. Three curricula are available for middle and high school students:

  • Catch My Breath (5th - 12th)
  • Project Alert (7th - 8th)
  • Stanford Tobacco Prevention Toolkit (9th - 12th)

Intervention services are available and encouraged for implementation as an alternative to suspension. There are stipends available for school staff and/or teachers trained and utilizing throughout the school year. Cessation resources are free to all school sites and information on local, state, national resources for students who want to quit.

Community Resources

Access a wide range of tobacco resources looking at current tobacco policies (state and national), tobacco related issues, health disparities, the dangers of flavors, and much more.

Positive Youth Development Strategies

Positive Youth Development is a research-based strategy looking at protective factors and positive influences, that can help young people succeed and keep them from participating in risky behaviors.