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Contact Information

Ken Scarberry
Director of Youth Development
(707) 646-7603

Johanna Nowak-Palmer
Program Manager, Youth Development
(707) 646-7608

Rebecca Floyd
Project Coordinator
(707) 646-7602

Jasmine Coutee
Youth Activities Specialist
(707) 646-7606

Amara Walls
Youth Activities Specialist
(707) 646-7604

Trisha Dykstra
Secretary/Program Analyst
(707) 646-7601

Youth Development Services

Mission Statement

Engage youth as active leaders and resources in their communities by providing opportunities to participate in safe, healthy, and intergenerational programs that prepare youth for successful citizenship.

Evaluations / Surveys
  • California School Climate, Health & Learning Survey (CalSCHLS)
  • California Student Tobacco Survey (CSTS)
    The California Student Tobacco Survey is a large-scale, in-school student survey of tobacco use conducted among middle and high school students used to assess behavior and attitudes regarding tobacco usage. The California Department of Public Health is required to conduct surveys of attitudes, behaviors, and media exposure regarding smoking and tobacco use as components of the smoking cessation evaluation effort required by California Assembly Bills AB75, AB99 and AB816. The objective of these surveys is to collect representative statewide data on cigarette smoking behavior, attitudes towards smoking, media exposure to smoking, and use of tobacco products other than cigarettes, from populations living in California. These surveys have been conducted approximately every three years through contracts with the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) to measure changes in attitudes and behaviors in the California population. The California Student Tobacco Survey (CSTS) is an in-school survey of tobacco use among California middle (grades 6–8) and high
    school (grades 9–12) students.
  • Solano Friday Night Live (FNL) Youth Development Survey
    The Solano Friday Night Live Partnership uses the FNL Youth Development Survey to evaluate four aspects of Solano FNL programs: assessing the application of evidence-based youth development practices; addressing the program requirements; building local evaluation capacity; and emphasizing continuous program improvement. The Friday Night Live Youth Development Survey measures the progress of FNL.
Prevention Services

Prevention Education Services provides programs, services, and education opportunities that focus on aspects of positive youth development, school safety, substance abuse prevention, and school climate. Prevention Education Services works with schools, community partners, and Solano County Health officials to reach as many youth as possible and provide quality programs to county schools.

These programs work to negate the risk factors students face in their lives. Risk factors are conditions which increase the likelihood of an individual engaging in destructive behaviors. The conditions underlying the problems of alcohol and other drug use, teen pregnancy, delinquency, violence, depression, school attendance and school drop-outs are addressed using research-based programs in the Prevention Education Services Department.

Prevention Education Programs:

  • Betting On Our Future (BOOF) 
  • Project Alert (7th - 8th grade)
  • Stanford Toolkit (9th - 12th grade)
  • California Friday Night Live Programs (FNL) 
  • California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) 
  • Solano Youth Coalition (SYC) 
  • Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE)
Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE)

The California Department of Education has awarded a competitive grant to the Solano County Office of Education to support and implement tobacco use prevention programs for students in grades 6-12 in Solano County.

The three-year Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) grant program was developed by a collaborative group of students, school staff and community members. It is overseen by the Solano County Office of Education Prevention Education Services.

As part of the grant program, districts are required to fully enforce their Tobacco-Free Schools Policies, and renew their Tobacco Free Schools Certifications annually. 

For more information about the TUPE program, contact Ken Scarberry at